New Life School of Ministry

A two year bible college that focuses on the Bible as our main textbook. Preparing you to be disciples. Meeting once a month on the 4th Friday in the evening and 8 hours on Saturday.

Each weekend will count as three (3) credits, accredited through Primus University of Theology International, in Phoenix, AZ. A three (3) credit intensive weekend means there will be a lot of work done at home, before the next class meets. Typically, in the days “BI” (Before Internet), a college credit required a minimum of 13 hours class time. We will be using 11 hours class time for three (3) credits, which means the great bulk of students work will be done outside the classroom. This is a program requiring great personal discipline, but offering great rewards.

For additional information please contact Dean Leonard Enniss at 602-702-3028 or email Dean Enniss at